Re: New LAST CALL draft for SRFI 121, Generators John Cowan 25 Oct 2015 14:10 UTC

Shiro Kawai scripsit:

> In the rationale section: This version no longer contains procedures
> from Gauche's data.random, I think.  If it's correct, you can drop
> the reference to it.


> make-iota-generator  and make-range-generator: It may be obvious,
> but maybe helpful to explicitly tell the conditions that returned
> numbers becomes inexact, e.g. "If both start and step are exact,
> it generates exact numbers; otherwise it generates inexact numbers.
> The exactness of count/end doesn't affect the exactness of the results."
> (The last condition is useful to give +inf.0 for count/end)


> About Authors: Originally I saw text lifted from Gauche manual, but
> now they are mostly rewritten by John.  It's up to John, but I'm ok
> about any order of authors.

Most of the design is still yours, so I prefer the current order.

John Cowan
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