Re: A few more comments on Draft #6 of SRFI 121. John Cowan 31 Oct 2015 15:40 UTC

Sudarshan S Chawathe scripsit:

>   * (very minor) The template "bytevector->generator str..." may be
>     reworded as "bytevector->generator bvec..." or similar, by analogy
>     with the other names.

I've fixed this and the other wording changes.

>   * For generator-unfold: The order of argument in the example doesn't
>     match those in the spec and sample implementation.
>   * In the example for generator-unfold (assuming the order of
>     arguments is fixed as above): SRFI-1 unfold requires an additional
>     argument (initial seed), so it still doesn't work unless we say
>     something like:
>       (generator-unfold (make-for-each-generator string-for-each "abc")
> 			unfold #\z)

I have to think about this: I think I must be confused somewhere.

John Cowan
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