SRFI 121: very minor comments on commented test cases Sudarshan S Chawathe 16 Dec 2016 13:16 UTC

Since this SRFI has already been finalized, I am writing mainly to
document a couple of very minor things in the hopes of helping later
readers, not so much to suggest any changes/errata (thought that would
be nice if considered OK/desirable editorially).

In the file generators-test.scm which is included in the sample
implementation, there are two tests that are commented out (and thus
certainly do not cause any failures).  However, if one wished to
include them for the sake of providing more examples or tests, the
following may help:

  * Replace

      ;    (test '(1 2 3 4 5) (generator-for-each for-each-digit 12345))


      (test '(5 4 3 2 1) (generator->list
                           (make-for-each-generator for-each-digit

  * Replace

      #;(test '() (generator->list (gdelete-neighbor-dups
                                   (generator 1 2 3)
                                   (lambda args #t))))


      (test '(1) (generator->list (gdelete-neighbor-dups
			                            (generator 1 2 3)
																	(lambda args #t))))

These additional (uncommented, modified) tests pass.