Re: Providing features through the storage class John Cowan 01 Aug 2015 03:31 UTC

Bradley Lucier scripsit:

> In this SRFI, basic arrays don't have a "storage class" in your sense.

Right.  The idea was that the storage class would hold the mutability
of strict arrays, whereas for generalized arrays, it's a matter of whether
you pass the setter directly to the array constructor or not.

> A "safe" fixed-array checks the correctness of indices as well as values.

I didn't notice that; I was thinking primarily of index correctness rather
than value correctness, and assumed that the checker procedure was about
the former rather than the latter.  I see now that that doesn't make sense.
I'll have to rethink this idea in light of that insight.

> > In addition, a standardized sparse-storage-class would be a Good Thing.
> > This would use a hash table or similar object as its backing store.
> I'll think about how to do this.

The getter would be hash-table-get, the setter would be hash-table-set!,
the checker would be (lambda (x) #t), the maker would be (lambda (x)
(make-hash-table)), and length would return the max fixnum or something
like that.

John Cowan
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