Re: Terminology John Cowan 01 Aug 2015 03:44 UTC

Bradley Lucier scripsit:

> > I would prefer a singular noun instead of array-manipulators;
> > I suggest storage-class, which allows it to be used with objects
> > other than arrays.
> Please explain in which way this set of functions and a value is a
> "class" of something.

It represents a type of storage that is specified using the methods
by which it is accessed and manipulated.  Similarly, a SRFI 114
comparator represents a type of object through the methods of
comparing it either directly or through a hash function.  Note that
in Gauche, which layers standard Scheme types on top of a classical
single-inheritance OO system, make-array accepts a type object.
See <>.

> How about storage-manipulators?

That is better, but from the user perspective this is a unitary object,
not a collection, even though it has a collection of procedures inside it.
That's why I think it should have a name in the singular.  We do not
refer to a vector as an "elements".

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