array with index mapper - Java-based implementation Per Bothner 24 Aug 2015 17:09 UTC

FYI: I've designing a new array model for Kawa, which is an
extension of recent work I did for vectors.  This design appears
from my reading to be similar to SRFI-122 fixed arrays
and I will use SRFI-122 terminology in this email.

A general array has a getter that maps an interval to a value.
A general integer array is a general array whose values are integers.
A fixed array consists of an indexer (a general integer array)
and a backing store (a uniform or general vector).  In the Kawa
implementation the backing store is normally a one-dimensional Java array,
but can also be an instance of the java.util.List interface.
Indexing the fixed array uses the indexer to transforms the source indexes
to an index in the backing store vector.

So far straight-forward enough, and similar to SRFI-122.
What might be interesting is the moderately detailed implementation
sketch in terms of Java classes and interfaces:
	--Per Bothner