superfluous functions? Jamison Hope 29 Sep 2015 16:57 UTC

These functions don't seem necessary as part of the public API:

- mutable-array-curry
- mutable-array-distinguish-one-axis.
- specialized-array-curry
- specialized-array-distinguish-one-axis

They (probably) have utility within the implementation, but if the idea
of SRFI-122 is to present a general array library, then users of the
library should only have to use the general array functions, in this
case array-curry and array-distinguish-one-axis.

Also, this distinguish-one-axis family just sounds like more currying.
Do we need both *-curry and *-distinguish-one-axis?  Can the latter be
implemented in terms of the former (regardless of efficiency), or are
they fundamentally distinct operations?  I'm having trouble following
all of the big long (values ...) expressions in the text.  Can there be
more descriptions in words explaining what those expressions are doing?

Jamison Hope