New draft (#11) of SRFI 122: Nonempty Intervals and Generalized Arrays Arthur A. Gleckler 08 Sep 2016 01:30 UTC

I've just published draft #11 of SRFI 122.  It was submitted
by Bradley J. Lucier, author of the SRFI.


Here's the diff:


Here are Bradley's comments from the pull request:

  Generally try to remove parentheses from around
  multi-indices, so they look like Scheme "values" rather
  than Scheme vectors or lists.  Make that connection
  explicit in one spot.

  Ensure that "interval" or "domain" is used appropriately
  throughout, but most specifically in the section on
  sharing generalized arrays.

  Remove interval-{lower,upper}-bounds->list.

  State that intervals and arrays are distinct data types.

  Move the example of reading PGM files to the section
  "Other examples".

These files were changed:

  srfi-122.html (198)
  srfi-122.scm (259)


SRFI Editor