Re: Position of 'proc' argument in for-each etc. taylanbayirli@xxxxxx 12 Sep 2015 23:32 UTC

John Cowan <> writes:

> Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer scripsit:
>> (Do note the over-arching theme of SRFI-125 trying to imitate SRFI-1
>> with awkward results, or the even wider over-arching theme of forcing
>> consistency where it doesn't necessarily make sense, like adding
>> make-list, list-set!, etc. to R7RS-small...)
> R4RS, R5RS, R6RS, R7RS-small, SRFI-1, SRFI-13, SRFI-43, SRFI-113, etc.
> etc.  Consistency makes learning a lot easier.

All of those define procedures that accept multiple collections as rest
arguments, except guess which SRFI. ;-)

That being said, CL, Elisp, Guile, and probably most others which define
some -for-each, -map, and -fold operations on hash tables oblige with
the typical ordering as well.  CL and Elisp aren't exactly to be admired
in design decisions though.  Guile's might have been a historic accident
too, simply imitating others.

I'll note that Racket has 'proc' appear last in 'hash-for-each'.  And
Racket is a Scheme that cares a lot about clean design as far as I know.

The same goes for Gauche, though there the 'knil' for the -fold appears
after the 'kons'...