Re: Position of 'proc' argument in for-each etc. John Cowan 13 Sep 2015 01:06 UTC

Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer scripsit:

> That being said, CL, Elisp, Guile, and probably most others which define
> some -for-each, -map, and -fold operations on hash tables oblige with
> the typical ordering as well.  CL and Elisp aren't exactly to be admired
> in design decisions though.  Guile's might have been a historic accident
> too, simply imitating others.

If you want Ruby (which likes lambda arguments to be last for syntactic
reasons) you know where to find it.

> I'll note that Racket has 'proc' appear last in 'hash-for-each'.  And
> Racket is a Scheme that cares a lot about clean design as far as I know.

Racket is an implementation that cares a lot about Racket, as I've said

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