Re: one hundred twenty days Arthur A. Gleckler 07 Jan 2016 00:31 UTC

John Cowan <> writes:

| SRFI 125 has three issues left:  bounds, salt, and the implementation.
| For bounds, it's just a question of how to expose the
| default bounds: a variable (simplest), a procedure
| (possibly slow) or syntax (fast but awkward).  I'll think
| on that one.
| For salt, I think I'll go with allowing salt to be passed
| to a hash function, requiring it to be a negative exact
| integer, and not explaining why.  This affects SRFI-128
| hash functions too.
| The implementation by Will Clinger isn't up to date, but
| it's just a matter of whacking on it until it is.
| Unfortunately, with so many irons in the fire I don't have
| time to do that, and I doubt if Will does either.  Can we
| let it go through anyway, and hope to make the changes
| later?

Thanks for the status summary.  That's great.

As for the reference implementation, it really isn't
optional.  If you can get a final draft out for discussion
with the changes you mentioned above, I'm happy to have the
SRFI sit in draft status for a while until you, Will, or a
volunteer gets around to bringing it up to date.