Yes, these semantics would meet my need. Actually this definition of if<=> is more convenient for me than if3 was.

Alternative names for consideration: case/comparator, case/order, branch.

(I'm assuming you meant me, "Kevin" Wortman, since the likelihood of someone else with a similar name having the same concern at the same time seems remote. :P )

Kevin Wortman

On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 8:12 PM John Cowan <> wrote:
Dave Wortman asked me to restore the syntax keyword `if3` from SRFI 114.
Its normal syntax is
(if (comparison-procedure obj1 obj2) less-than equal-to-greater-than).
Like `if`, it expands to just one of the arms of the conditional, but
there are three of them.  However, there are no comparison procedures
in SRFI 128, so I've changed the syntax to
(if<=> [comparator] obj1 obj2 less-than equal-to greater-than).
The name is not ideal, but at least it's different enough to avoid

Hopefully this variant will serve Dave's need.

Any comments?

John Cowan
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