Various issues with SRFI 13 fixed Michael Sperber 11 Oct 2005 07:11 UTC

After years, I finally got around to fixing the outstanding issues
with SRFI 13 that had accreted on the post-finalization list.

- I made the argument order of STRING-DELETE and STRING-FILTER in the
  SRFI document conform to the reference implementation.  See

  Note that this is a huge exception to the way we normally do
  business; the rule is that we don't change the specs after
  finalization.  However, the reference implementation, including the
  argument order, is pretty widespread, and a significant amount of
  code Out There seems to depend on the version in the reference
  implementation rather than the version in the SRFI document.

- Several bugs were fixed in the KMP search implementation as per:

Cheers =8-} Mike
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