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SRFI-13 -- bits & pieces shivers@xxxxxx (25 Jan 2000 01:00 UTC)
Re: SRFI-13 -- bits & pieces d96-mst-ingen-reklam@xxxxxx (27 Jan 2000 13:44 UTC)

Re: SRFI-13 -- bits & pieces d96-mst-ingen-reklam@xxxxxx 27 Jan 2000 13:44 UTC

In article <>, wrote:

>The other algorithms I've seen (Sunday's, Boyer-Moore's) require building a
>data structure whose size is proportional to the number of codes in the
>character encoding: only 128 for ASCII... but, ah, somewhat larger for full
>32-bit Unicode. I don't want to export an interface that couldn't be supported
>in a Unicode Scheme.  So we can export either an algorithm-neutral interface,
>or KMP, but really not anything else.

After a second thought, I think that the whole searching stuff should
be dropped from this SRFI. It really has nothing to do with string

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