Re: SRFI-1/SRFI-13 inconsistency in tabulate procedure shivers@xxxxxx 21 Mar 2001 15:36 UTC

   Olin> Send them to

   That mailing list has long been disabled because of the above reason.

Would you re-enable it? Those discussion archives are important locations
for archiving stuff, even discussions about the SRFI that happen after
the SRFI has been finalised. Like this one, for instance. E.g., if someone
wanted to do a new list library, they should first go and read everything
on that list. Well, as time passes, post-finalisation of SRFI-1, and we
discover properties of the library, or problems, or have insights, we ought
to be able to send them to that mailing list and get them stuck into the
archive. Perhaps someone challenges me about a design issue; I respond with
a long rationale explaining the subtle interactions leading to the decision.
That discussion might not occur until next year. But it should be recorded
somewhere associated with SRFI-1.