some errata for SRFI 133 Robert Klein 27 Oct 2018 17:45 UTC


here are some issues I found while going through SRFI 133.

*** partial sentence

- Mutators / vector-reverse-copy!: Spurious sentence fragment
  (copy-pasto from SRFI 43)

  The sentence fragment is:

  “ (vector-reverse! target tstart send) would. ”

  SRFI 43 says:

  “It is an error if target and source are identical vectors and the
  target & source ranges overlap; however, if tstart = sstart,
  vector-reverse-copy! behaves as (vector-reverse! target tstart send)

  I'm not sure I understand the code in the example implementation, but
  I think this is not the case any more.

*** wrong spelling

- Searching / vector-partition: “pred” should be “pred?” (twice)

- Conversion / reverse-vector->list: “vector” should be “vec”

*** upper / lower case

Note: These are probably all copy-pastos from pre-R6RS/R7RS SFRI 43
where case didn't matter.  SRFI 133 however claims to be
“R7RS-compatible” in the title.

- In the procedures section, notation of [something]: The “Something” at
  the beginning of the second sentence should be in lower case.

- Predicates / vector=: “Elt=?“ should be “elt=?”.

- Selectors / vector-ref: “I” should be “i”.

- Iteration / vector-fold: “Kons” should be “kons”.

- Mutators / vector-reverse: “Start” should be “start”.

*** HTML markup

In the status section Revision from 2016/9/2 “vectorfold” should be
inside <code>..</code> tags

Best regards,