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New draft (#7) of SRFI 144: Flonums Arthur A. Gleckler 19 Jun 2017 04:55 UTC

I've just published draft #7 of SRFI 144.  It was submitted
by John Cowan, author of the SRFI.


Here are John's comments on this change:

  Here is a minor revision of SRFI 144, incorporating all of
  Will's earlier comments plus extending `make-fllog-base`
  to accept an arbitrary inexact base and removing the
  duplicated mathematical constant.  I have copied Will's
  README into the Implementation section.

  I also enclose srfi-144-constants.scm, which is derived
  from Chicken but not subject to copyright: it defines all
  the mathematical constants as literals, so they can be
  integrated by dumb compilers.  This can be incorporated
  into Will's implementation or just left available for
  others, as he prefers.

Note that John has added Will Clinger as co-author because
Will provided the portable implementation of this SRFI.
Thank you, Will!

Here's the diff:



SRFI Editor