New draft (#9) of SRFI 144: Flonums Arthur A. Gleckler 18 Jul 2017 04:04 UTC

I've just published draft #9 of SRFI 144.  It was submitted
by John Cowan, co-author of the SRFI.


Here are the author's comments on the draft:

  In the Implementation section, the paragraph on Chicken
  should simply be deleted.  I had intended to make a
  Chicken implementation, but the effort is mostly
  mechanical, and is not necessary since we have both the
  portable and the Chibi implementations available.
  Since there were two votes for round to even and none for
  round away from zero, I'm going with the [former].

Here's the diff:


Note that the diff also includes some fixes to the reference
implementation by co-author Will Clinger.


SRFI Editor