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Errata for SRFI 144: Flonums Arthur A. Gleckler 19 Aug 2017 06:40 UTC

I've just published fixes for errata for SRFI 144.  Will
Clinger, co-author of the SRFI, prepared the fixes and John
Cowan, co-author, approved them, so I have incorporated them
into the public document and added a note to the Status

Here's Will's description of these changes:

  The second sentence of the "Specification" section should
  be deleted because it is contradicted by R7RS sections 6.1
  and 6.2.6.  (Although +0.0 and -0.0 are the same in the
  sense of =, they might not be the same in the sense of
  eqv? because they can yield different results when passed
  as the first argument to atan.)

  The parenthetical remark in the specifications of
  fl-greatest and fl-least should be changed from "(C99
  DBL_MAX and its negation)" to "(e.g. C99 DBL_MAX and C11

Here's the diff:



SRFI Editor