I've just published draft #2 of SRFI 147.  It was submitted by Marc
Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen, author of the SRFI.


Here's the diff:


Here are Marc's comments:

  The following changes are incorporated in this pull request:

  typo fixed in sample implementation
  defined scope in which transformer spec expansion takes place
  allow auxiliary definitions during expansion of custom macro transformers
  remove log-files from version control

  Commit Summary

  add specification for scoping of transformer spec expansion
  allow auxiliary definitions when expanding custom macro transformers
  File Changes

  M .gitignore (4)
  D SRFI 147.log (40)
  M srfi-147.html (19)
  M srfi/147.scm (17)
  M srfi/147/test.sld (22)


SRFI Editor