New draft (#3) of SRFI 147: Custom macro transformers Arthur A. Gleckler 30 Dec 2016 18:55 UTC

I've just published draft #3 of SRFI 147.  It was submitted
by Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen, author of the SRFI.


Here's the diff:


Here are Marc's comments on this draft:

  * improved scoping rules in case of the letrec-syntax
  binding construct

  * keywords can now also be bound to existing keywords,
  effectively allowing aliases

  Commit Summary

  * additional letrec-syntax test
  * make scoping of letrec-syntax more useable
  * fixed scoping bug
  * add specification so that define-syntax, ... can bind
    aliases to keywords
  * fixed letrec-syntax specification
  * fix scoping of letrec-syntax for a last time

  File Changes

  * M srfi-147.html (35)
  * M srfi/147.scm (11)
  * M srfi/147/test.sld (22)


SRFI Editor