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SRFI 147: new Chibi-specific implementation Arthur A. Gleckler 04 Aug 2017 03:38 UTC

SRFI 147 is final, but Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen, its author,
has just added a "Chibi-specific implementation for
er-macro-transformer" without changing the SRFI document, so
I've just published that.  Here are Marc's comments:

  This is a feature enhancement of the sample implementation
  of SRFI 147. That document says:

  A Scheme system supporting this SRFI should apply the
  requirements of this SRFI with respect to syntax-rules
  mutatis mutandis to all other natively provided macro
  transformers, e.g. sc-macro-transformer or syntax-case.

  Code has been added to the sample implementation that
  demonstrates how this can be implemented for Chibi's
  er-macro-transformer. A SRFI 147-compatible
  er-macro-transformer can be imported from (srfi 147
  er-macro-transformer). The code should be easily adaptable
  to other implementations.

  File Changes

  M srfi/147.sld (24)
  A srfi/147/er-macro-transformer.scm (35)
  A srfi/147/er-macro-transformer.sld (25)
  A srfi/147/er-macro-transformer/test.sld (94)
  R srfi/147/implementation.scm (4)
  A srfi/147/implementation.sld (61)
  M tests.scm (4)


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