New draft (#6) of SRFI 167: Ordered Key Value Store Arthur A. Gleckler 18 Sep 2019 22:32 UTC

I've just published draft #6 of SRFI
167.  It was submitted by Amirouche
Boubekki, author of the SRFI.


Here are Amirouche's comments on the draft:

  SRFI-167 and SRFI-168 implementation
  were improved but far from perfect.

  The three big changes are in SRFI-167
  and SRFI-168:

  - remove manual transaction management
    (John C. advice)

  - add hooks to both SRFI-167 and
    SRFI-168 to allow things like
    triggers or constraints validation

  - improve and move SRFI-168 engine
    record to its own library inside
    SRFI-167 to allow any layer to make
    use of it.

Here are the commit comments:

  - remove transaction-begin,
    transaction-roll-back and
  - add hooks
  - Specify that hooks must be SRFI-173 hooks
  - cosmit
  - typofix
  - cosmit
  - add 'make-default-state' procedure
    as default value for make-state
  - adapt sample implementation
  - implementation: note the use of
    hooks and link to around
  - run hooks
  - typofix
  - add engine library that contains an
    engine record
  - add engine?
  - add make-default-engine
  - Fix grammar, punctuation, spelling.
  - Publish sixth draft.

Here's the diff:



SRFI Editor