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Why don't I fork that scsh repo (to where, if not my personal GitHub account?), and fix up the README, so you can add a link to it somewhere?

The repo's doc directory contains only a VERY incomplete conversion of the original to Scribble format, so I think we should ignore it.  However, the URL <https://scsh.net/docu/html/man.html> seems very stable; we should link to that for reading, while linking to the scsh repo for testing.
Or should this SRFI and e.g. the advanced file operations one stay at the UNIX man level 2 of system calls,

That is basically my idea, though Posix makes no actual distinction between man2 and man3.  I am trying to include only the non-Posix things that are obviously more convenient/useful, like spawn and the terminal I/O routines.

Should SRFIs be added to access level 3 library functions and include things like the above convenience procedures?

I don't object at all to such SRFIs but don't intend to work on them myself.

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