Tried testing the perms/mode arguments to create-directory/-fifo and set-file-mode, and once again the code has been substantially changed in location, and the API gratuitously changed, e.g. for set-file-mode the key line is this added let:

  (let ((mode (file-mode->integer mode)))

Making the procedure require a file-mode record instead of an integer like #o777.  That was trivially patchable, the others are not quite as trivial and not necessarily worth the time, but they work correctly taking file-mode records.

Tried compiling scsh 0.6.7 and the source code is seriously broken, lots of dangerous warnings followed by build-usual-image seg faulting.  I then started to look at the not declared warnings and the first is an internal function that is used before it's defined in init.c.  Swapped the order, and the number of arguments don't match!!!

Given that Scheme 48 is 5 years moldering, and scsh 0.6.7 is utterly broken, 13 years moldering, and per the website 32 bit only....  I don't personally want to put a lot of effort into the gratuitously changed, messed up, sloppily modified but at least it builds and largely works even on a 64 bit machine 0.7, but this is further pushing the bounds of a working implementation as required for the SRFI process.  Too much?

- Harold