From: John Cowan <>
Date: Friday, July 12, 2019 2:57 PM

I'm going to LGTM en masse all your commits, so send me a PR whenever you like.


Just did.  In the future, the editorial, "oops" in Implementation etc. level changes will just be made to my fork and put in future pull requests, I'll limit emails to this list to the not necessarily LGTM weighty issues.  Here are some new ones:

create-temp-file uses temp-file-iterate, so we can't change the former procedure willy-nilly.  And both depend on non-default exposed to the REPL symbols.  However, it looks like my impression the latter was horribly broken was incorrect, due to the interactions between the undocumented required "~a" which is handed to format, the create-hard-link across file systems bug, and the default prefix starting with /var/tmp instead of /tmp.

Since this is a Scheme wrapper for POSIX, for each procedure that maps directly to a canonical system or library call, I'm wondering if the POSIX name should be cited so the user can look up more details without having to dig through the source, likely following a trail of crumbs through a FFI to C code, none of which we can assume user familiarity with.  I think this is best placed at the end of the procedure definition line, something like, maybe with some additional symbol after "(procedure)":

(file-info fname/port [chase?]) → file-info-record  (procedure)  (POSIX stat)

Implementations would be encouraged to cite their substitutions.

- Harold