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While we're still cogitating about whether to split out processes from this SRFI  

I am now firmly of opinion that we should remove all the process-related functions from SRFI 170 along the lines you specified earlier, whatever we decide to do about processes in a future SRFI.  I have some general ideas, but they are stll completely unformed.

(set-file-mode fname/port mode-bits)
(set-file-owner fname/port uid)
(set-file-group fname/port gid)
(set-file-timespecs fname/port [access-timespec modify-timespec])

I say: Switch all these to filenames only.  You shouldn't be changing these things for a file whose identity you dont know, not to mention that they make no sense when applied to non-file ports.

(truncate-file fname/port len)
(file-info fname/port)
These two are a little different, in that the underlying system calls only take a file descriptor, but of course with not much work adding opening and closing a filename is easy:

These are in fact paired: truncate() for files, ftruncate() for fds; stat() for files, fstat() for ports.  Both are useful.  Indeed stat() cannot be implemented with fstat(), because if you can't open() the file you can't fstat() it.  So I say:  Retain the fname/port duality for these.
(tty-process-group port/fname)
(set-tty-process-group port/fname process-group)

These go with the process stuff, so no need to decide yet (see above).

I personally have no ideas or feelings about any of these except set-file-timespecs, the scenario being that before you mess with a file you use file-info on the filename to get the access time (I'm assuming that doesn't change it before you get the times), and after opening it you use set-file-timespecs to set the access time back to what it was.  Although that's in the context of backup programs, which this SRFI does not support due to ignoring symlinks, and I suppose without including lseek it can't, since that's needed to restore sparse files.

The FileAdvancedCowan pre-SRFI supports lseek under its R6RS name of get-file-position and set-file-position!

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