I noticed chroot in Chibi Scheme's system.stub, although its type of security is multiple cans of worms, including many developments since chroot was first developed.

I'd like a version of nanosleep suitably wrapped so it's only a finer grained version of sleep in e.g. milliseconds, so that I can for example pause a bit on EAGAIN instead of pounding the system, if retries for EAGAIN are warranted.  I've had other reasons as well in times past to sleep my process for a short period of time.

It's been a couple of decades since I did any signal handing work, but if EINTR only happens because of receiving a signal, should it always be retried until it succeeds or another errno is returned, ignoring the possibility of blocking in an infinite loop?

There's also EBUSY, although I don't know if any of SRFI-170 can get that, or what should be done if you get it.

- Harold