From: John Cowan <>
Date: Monday, August 26, 2019 8:35 AM

This is mostly editorial fixes (notably spelling out the de facto standard mode bits), but there are a few substantive changes:

I renamed `tty?` to `terminal?`.  As of now, there are no instances of "tty" in the SRFI except in the command `stty` and the names of Posix functions.  In DEC OSes, device names couldn't be more than three letters long, but that's long dead.

I have concluded that control of symlinks does meet the 80-20 limitation, especially as implementation is trivial.  So I have added back `create-symlink`, `read-symlink`, and `file-info-symlink?`.

Note that without a port seek capability, which I believe gets too deep into an implementation to be in the remit of this "basic" mostly wrappers SRFI, vs. the Advanced Filesystem Operations you're working up, this is enough to back up files, but not properly restore them if they've got holes.  Which is more common than you might think.

Should we return the 4 chase? optional arguments?  They're also quite trivial, you just have to dispatch off the chase? flag and make a call to a different POSIX function, or in one case change an argument to the standard function.  They are set-file-owner, set-file-group, set-file-timespecs, and file-info.

I've also merged hga up to date.  Unless there are major objections to the substantive changes, I'll do a PR for Arthur (it'll take him a while to get to it; he's swamped).

Might be worth waiting until I can review all the optional arguments for when [foo] [bar] should be [foo [bar]].  That won't take long.

- Harold