I'm about ready to put SRFI-170 to the side for now, I think the current phase is about done until for example the timespec and system error raising SRFIs are in good shape, if not finalized.

Which brings up my Chibi Scheme implementation of the SRFI.  For the foreseeable future, unless I get help from those more versed in its FFI/C<->Scheme interface so I for example make sure it doesn't leak memory, or I decide learn Chibi Scheme inside and out because it sure seems to be just right for my purposes, it's not going to be production quality.  Not is it desperately needed by Chibi Scheme, which already has a set of robust POSIX interfaces, many of which I straight out copied at the lowest levels.

It's my first Scheme code in anger since the early 1980s, and first Lisp in anger in half a decade, so it's not consistent in how it does a variety of things as I came back up to speed and learned new features.  So it needs at least one polishing run by myself, and eventually code review would be nice.

I've also left a bit of call-with-temporary-filename as an exercise for the reader.  The scsh 0.7 temp-file-iterate works fine with minor and nearly insignificant differences, and I've included a commented out copy of it and the procedure and macros that are called in the inner bit which is not finished.  They use hygienic macro, exception handling, and continuation creation that I haven't mastered yet, and are partly Scheme implementation dependent, while the true POSIX part is only found in specific errno values it recognizes.

Given the complexity and brokenness of scsh 0.7 I think with the above reservations the current Chibi Scheme version is well enough suited to being added to the SRFI 170 repository, as long as it's understood I'll want to sanity check and improve it sometime before SRFI-170 finalization.

Thanks to all who have contributed to getting both the SRFI and the Chibi Scheme implementation to this point!

- Harold