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Are we still planning on breaking all this out to a separate "system errors" SRFI?  Besides our using POSIX errnos for our own error reporting such as bad arguments, I want another string to indicate where the error occurred, e.g. which argument is bad.

That can be put into the irritants (aka "data").  These error objects are exactly parallel to the R6RS (not SRFI 23 / R7RS) error call, with the procname playing the role of "who".   For backward compat reasons WG1 decided not to go with this style for `error`, but it definitely has its merits.
There are 9 commits you can first pick up from the official master, a couple which change the HTML file, and my addition of the Chibi Scheme example implementation, which:

Done.  Should I be merging your chibi-scheme-implementation branch as well?

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