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Are there good reasons to? I think these are mostly to prevent races
or maybe when path resolution becomes too expensive. I don't see a
typical scheme program needing any of those. In both cases, falling
back to C via FFI may be a safer bet even if it's not portable.

I agree, and these things are Posix so portability shouldn't be an issue.  Except to @#$* Windows, of course.  Hopefully in a few years we can start assuming that everyone who uses our favorite weird programming language has WSL2.

The SRFI should probably make clear about PATH_MAX restriction if we
choose to support this. Maybe if "unlimited-path" feature is supported
by a Scheme implementation, then the user does not have to care about
PATH_MAX. Otherwise it's up to the user to handle ENAMETOOLONG 

SRFIs don't usually contain implementation advice like this, but it could be put into a HACKING file in the repo.

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