On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 8:53 PM Harold Ancell <xxxxxx@github.com> wrote:

Give me a few days and I can review both the draft, and what's left out of the chibi-scheme

> The fdes->port procedures need to be able to specify buffering and (for textual ports) character encoding.

Actually I took that issue out, and I dumped everything to do with character encoding from this SRFI.  Byte buffering does belong here: see the latest version of the fdes->*port procedures in the johnwcowan repo.  But it shouldn't be that hard: it's just setvbuf(), at least for any system that uses stdio.

All the non-portable, non-Posix stuff is now in <https://bitbucket.org/cowan/r7rs-wg1-infra/src/default/FilesAdvancedCowan.md>, which has changed drastically.

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