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Oops, should have made my reply to the list:

Give me a few days and I can review both the draft, and what's left out of the chibi-scheme implementation.  One helper function that doesn't directly make any POSIX calls but requires more getting into the guts of an implementation is going to stay that way.  There's a few minor touchups in my TODO list, and of course repackaging the implementation for the SRFI repository, I now know  how to make it to stand alone instead of requiring that it be part of the chibi-scheme file hierarchy.

In this lastest PR is the big new issue:

The fdes->port procedures need to be able to specify buffering and (for textual ports) character encoding.

This opens more than one can of worms, the character encoding one of course, but it also requires the SRFI implementor to get a lot deeper into the guts of a Scheme's port implementation to do specialized buffering, which is required to to correctly use at least one of the open-file options, atomic end of file writes. Then again, if it's left as an outstanding issue in the published SRFI....

- Harold

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See the PR I just sent you.  At this point it's really about whether the incomplete implementation is good enough.

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Happy new year!

This is your every-thirty-day reminder about SRFI 170.  Thanks for your continued work on this SRFI. 

Hello, John and Harold.  SRFI 170 has reached 270 days today.   Is there anything we can do to push it along?