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> Last year Lassie and I

Woof! :-)

Larry is the equivalent of Lassi: both names are originally nicknames for Laurentius, who was martyred in 228, supposedly by being roasted on a red-hot griddle.  When he had suffered for a long time, he said "Turn me over, I'm well-done on this side!", which is why he is the patron saint of cooks – and comedians.

> were thinking we should create a Grand Unified
> Scheme Error System, inspired in part by the neat system of coding
> Oracle uses in its error reporting.  This anticipated transition
> suggests we should work on it ASAP.

If this means a grand unified condition system, it isn't going to fly.  One of the big obstacles to R6RS adoption was the fact that every Scheme's condition system is hopelessly inconsistent with the rest.

I had a sketch of what a predicate-based rather than type-based condition system would look like, but I consider it obsolete now.
However, it might be a good idea to take the Windows API (and perhaps
other OS error APIs) into account in 198.

No objections on my part.

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