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Lassi gave us a great example of why 'code is subpar compared to 'number:

After searching around more, it seems to be true for every facility there is either an integer code, a symbolic name, or both.  I was trying to find situations where there is a non-numeric code (something that can't be interpreted by a human) as well as a name.  But that doesn't seem to be a pattern actually in use for errors.

So I can live with 'number and 'name.

Maybe "for a (possibly localized or localizable)" since we may require the user or IDE/whatever to go to some effort, plus the English version must always be accessible for searching?

Done.  However, as I keep pointing out, in a client/server situation you may not be able to get text that is not localized after the fact.
Errr, -function, not -procedure?!?!?!!???

I like to group foreign-interface right after scheme-procedure

An oversight.  Fixed.

All these changes are pushed to johnwcowan now.

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