New draft (#6) of SRFI 170: POSIX API Arthur A. Gleckler 23 Jul 2019 06:42 UTC

I've just published draft #6 of SRFI 170.  It was
submitted by John Cowan, author of the SRFI, with
much assistance from Harold (HGA).


Here are John's comments on the draft:

  - removed glob and extra spawn* and exec*

  - Add citations to specific IEEE and POSIX
    standards to Rationale

  - XSI extensions added to file-info (stat)

  - Excise /var/tmp as the default or example tmp
    dir location

  - Use the scsh capitalization conventions of the

  - Minor language, typo, indentation fixes,
    regularize "file name(s)"

  - Add . and .. exceptions to read-directory, add
    paragraph break

  - Remove unreliable sync-file and
    sync-file-system proceedures

  - Based on file-info-*? description, perms/mode
    -> permission bits

  - Changed implementation version, added pointers
    to it and build notes.

  - create-directory/-fifo and set-file-mode
    change and workaround

  - Document temp-file-prefix/*temp-file-template*
    /var/tmp -> /tmp

  - Make temp-file-iterate rename to a temp file
    example less magical

  - set-file-timespecs -> set-file-times, and
    timespec argument diff

  - file-info record time field differences, and
    absence of new fields

  - Implementation exceptions in correct order,
    touch up work-around

  - Excise create-temp-file security note,
    obsolete with /tmp default

  - Add reference to in SRFI

  - First draft, not tested or ornamented

  - Warnings that neither Scheme 48 or scsh 0.7
    have uninstall targets

  - Added notes from building with vanilla test
    user account

  - Add offer of help and email contact for
    building on UNIX systems

  - Added formating for output blocks and mailto:
    for contact address

  - mailto: does nothing in GitHub org mode

  - Section headers for Implementation section,
    moved time caveats up

  - Making sure glob writeup is not lost

  - Tiny language change

  - Document scsh's create-hard-link behavior
    across file systems

  - The ~a temp-file-iterate gotcha, and fix HTML

  - Finished temp-file-iterate Implementation

  - Put real-path into correct section

  - Document file-info-symlink? Linux failure,
    touch up formatting

  - Looks Good To Me (LGTM) changes to 3.4

  - temp-file-iterate ->
    call-with-temporary-filename, bit of cleanup

  - Fix Implimentation item on

  - Prefer not to capitalize API names at
    beginning of sentence

  - Fix set-effective-uid/gid arguments

  - Use IANA-managed reserved for
    fully-qualified dom name

  - Minor language cleanups

  - Discussed editorial changes, add config arg to
    exec and exec-path

  - umask and set-umask, added POSIX ref, scsh
    file-mode caveat

  - added back rename-file, editorial changes

  - More paranoid creation permission bits,
    set-umask returns previous

  - Note link in the link to POSIX errno.h that
    provides more details

  - renamed working-directory procedures to avoid

  - infinite loop if create-directory w/override?
    of dir with contents

  - editorial

Here's the diff:



SRFI Editor