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Re: A strong argument for a chase? flag for file-info, and a issue which needs to be considered Lassi Kortela 26 Aug 2019 15:46 UTC

> Adding chase? with any default to set-file-owner, set-file-group, and
> set-file-timespecs isn't particularly important, or at least I can't
> recall ever desiring to do any of those operations to a symlink.

Excellent point. If someone wants to frob a file's metadata by referring
to a symlink pointing to that file, they probably don't know what they
are doing... at least I can't think of a scenario where a well
architexted program would do that.

Even writing through a symlink is a little bit suspect. The only obvious
reason to jump through a symlink is to read the file it points to (or to
chdir() to the directory it points to).

> Which would make it less confusing to add chase? with a default of #f
> only to file-info, and thus default to calling lstat as I too have
> done as you have.
Good to know I'm not the only lstat()-wielding weirdo here :)

Should we have a 'chase?' argument in set-file-owner, set-file-group,
and set-file-timespecs at all?