Status of SRFI 170 ports? Lassi Kortela 17 Oct 2019 16:09 UTC

Known SRFI 170 ports so far:

- Chibi-Scheme (unix)
- Loko Scheme (linux)

Any others?

I'll port the Chibi implementation to Windows and start a Gambit port
ASAP if no-one has beaten me to it yet.

Since AmigaOS is seeing some resurgence, it'd be awesome if some Schemer
with fond memories of Amiga could show us the ropes. That'd be one very
different OS to validate the design. I emulate Haiku (the BeOS clone),
but 170 deals with OS layers that are almost identical to Unix over there.

IIRC Chibi already runs on Plan 9; is someone actively using it there?