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Re: Latest SRFI 170 code? hga@xxxxxx (03 Dec 2019 23:52 UTC)

Re: Latest SRFI 170 code? hga@xxxxxx 03 Dec 2019 23:52 UTC

Yes, branch sfri-170-new.  I didn't bring that branch up to date
with current Chibi Scheme when I added open-file, but I don't
recall any of the recent changes being likely to break it.
Everything working on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux, everything
but the open/nofollow flag for open-file also tested on OpenBSD 6.5.

I do have on my TODO list for the SRFI finalization separating it
out with its own Makefile, if that would be convenient if you're
going to port it.  As a reference it should be fine, except there's
quite a mix, or more like progression of styles as I used the effort
to relearn Scheme and learned the Chibi FFI.

- Harold

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From: Lassi Kortela <>
Date: Tuesday, December 03, 2019 4:40 PM

Is this the most up-to-date version of the 170 sample implementation?
<> I'd like to do some Windows (& other)
work and use this as a reference.