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SRFI 170 work status update hga@xxxxxx (21 Apr 2020 17:06 UTC)
Current directory Lassi Kortela (22 Apr 2020 07:43 UTC)

Current directory Lassi Kortela 22 Apr 2020 07:43 UTC

> I'm happy to report I'm back to scheming.

Great to have you back! Thanks for your continued attention to the SRFI,
and sorry for slacking off myself.

> I've got my fork on GitHub up-to-date and am fixing minor issues, the
> only major task in addition to thorough proofreading and perhaps some
> cleanup of my Chibi Scheme implementation is making that implementation
> stand alone instead of a branch of the whole Chibi Scheme repo,
> something I learned how to do after starting it way back when, and
> updating all the collateral information to reflect that.

One major thing left to clear up is working-directory. Gambit and Kawa
would strongly favor a per-thread CWD distinct from the OS process CWD.
Can we add language to the SRFI permitting implementations to use their
own idea of the CWD?

Kawa and Gambit also have the current directory as a parameter object.
This implies the getter doubles as the setter:

(current-directory "/tmp")

(current-path "/tmp")

Kawa has distinct path datatype, so (current-path) returns a path object
instead of a string. The setter takes either a path or a string.

I can do a Gambit implementation (help is gratefully accepted).