Re: SRFI 170 (POSIX API) for Kawa Per Bothner 15 Jul 2020 04:16 UTC

On 7/14/20 2:10 PM, Duncan Mak wrote:
> it's pretty clear that we won't be able to support the entirety of the SRFI 170 API using just Java classes. If we want to achieve that, we'll probably have to use JNR-Posix.
> With JNR-Posix, Per's comments about shipping native code will become a thing.

I don't mind an optional (configurable) dependency on jnr or jnr-posix, but I don't think
it should be a required or default dependency.

I don't have much feel for how popular or common JNR is - it seems to be
a project that is in semi-maintenance mode, and not on any kind of "standards track".
I haven't done anything with it.

That doesn't seem we can't make use of it, of course.

Please us and Duncan know (here) whether SRFI-170 or other Posix bindings would be
useful to you.
	--Per Bothner