I've just published draft #3 of SRFI 176.  It was submitted by Lassi Kortela, author of the SRFI.


We're moving the "last call" deadline for this SRFI one week forward.  If you're interested in this SRFI, please give your feedback via the SRFI 176 mailing list before 2020/2/22.  After that, assuming that no major revisions are required, we will declare it final.

Here are Lassi's comments on the draft:

The only spec change in this draft is that symbol hierarchy separators have been changed from slashes to dots.  This was discussed by email with John Cowan.  I originally put in the slashes because I thought he wanted them and nobody else had an opinion, but it turns out he didn't.  In the end we both ended up preferring dots, and nobody was using slashes yet, so I changed them.

Here is the commit summary:
Here's the diff:



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