Does this have a resolution yet?

Why not add to lambda/kw a special form called `(default? <keyword>)' so that we can write:

(lambda/kw (file (zip save))
  (let ((save (or (default? save) save)))

The special form `(default? <keyword>)' evaluates to `#t' if the keyword argument was not given.  The keyword argument itself evaluates to `#f' if not given.


Am Mo., 4. Nov. 2019 um 00:27 Uhr schrieb John Cowan <>:
You're right about :insecure, and :use-cli would be fine.  But I still think that :cant-double-click-to-zoom or :double-click-no-zoom would suck.  :discard-<something> might fly, but just failing to save is not the same as actively discarding.

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