array-reshape and other plans Bradley Lucier 28 May 2020 21:10 UTC

1. Re: array-reshape

It took me a while to figure out what array-reshape should do; and then
it took me a while to figure out what NumPy does.  In the end, I think
they are the same and I understand what this code does:

And, it's not bad code.  So I'm going to use it as a template.

2.  The array-reshape code *really* simplifies using strides as a basic
data structure.  And it appears that other parts of the library may
simplify as well.  (And others don't, but we'll leave that for now.)

So I plan to rewrite some of the indexing code, incorporating strides.

I didn't think it'd take me over a week to do this, but that's how it is.