Priority Aging and RT Mark K. Gardner (14 Apr 2000 17:02 UTC)
Re: Priority Aging and RT Marc Feeley (15 Apr 2000 03:04 UTC)

Re: Priority Aging and RT Marc Feeley 15 Apr 2000 03:04 UTC

> One of the discussion items is the issue of priority aging. While I do
> not object to it, I suggest that it not be included as a specified
> part of SRFI-18 on the basis that priority aging conflicts with hard
> RT and hence would preclude a RT-SRFI. Or at the very least, priority
> aging should be a thread specific (rather than global) option that can
> be ignored in RT systems.

Priority decay, as is done in QNX, could be obtained on a thread by
thread basis by adding a "decay" field to threads.  It would specify
the amount of priority decay to apply if the thread reaches its quantum.
Setting the decay to 0 would cancel the effect.