real-time multithreading SRFI Marc Feeley 12 May 2000 02:06 UTC

I have just asked Michael Sperber to publish my real-time extension to
SRFI 18 (it will probably be SRFI 21, available tomorrow).

Let me explain why I'm doing this.  I would like SRFI 18 and SRFI 21
to be entirely compatible (i.e. an implementation that supports SRFI
21 can also claim to support SRFI 18).  The problem is that over the
discussion period for SRFI 21 there might be some changes to the
specification of SRFI 21 that require similar changes to SRFI 18, and
that would not be possible if SRFI 18 is finalized before SRFI 21.

So I ask everyone interested in SRFI 18 to temporarily move the
discussion to SRFI 21, and once it is finalized (or very close to it),
we can come back to SRFI 18.  I think both SRFIs have a place, because
not all Scheme implementors will be willing to accept the added
complexity and run time overhead of the real-time thread system.

I will have more to say about SRFI 21 when it is put on the SRFI
web page.