Requests for improvements? Amirouche Boubekki 24 Apr 2020 13:19 UTC


I would like to have more feedback on what do you think is necessary
to add or to change in SRFI-180.  I have to admit that getting
together those might not be possible in the immediate future or not at
all. I am puting myself into a lot of pressure to get this correctly,
eventually I end up doing nothing.

So, I need to prioritize, and maybe forgo some items.

Here is the list of things I gathered that still needs attention:

- make `current-input-port` the default value of `json-tokens`

- rename json-generator-read to json-generator (done?)

- rename json-accumulator-write to json-accumulator-write (done?)

- json-generator must return a single datum instead of a pair (done?)

- update specification to note that whitespace is ignored

- support JSON sequence #x1E as JSON value separator

- improve json-fold specification

- make `current-input-port` default value of json-read

- add json-pretty-accumulator

- add json-path to query in a way similar to xpath a JSON value

- add json-peek that reads a fragment of JSON value

Anything to add?