withdrawal Joo ChurlSoo (27 Mar 2020 05:55 UTC)
Re: withdrawal Lassi Kortela (28 Mar 2020 10:02 UTC)

Re: withdrawal Lassi Kortela 28 Mar 2020 10:02 UTC

> I withdraw this draft.
> Thank you so far.

Thank you for being with us. Sorry to hear that you felt slighted. None
intended from my part.

Unfortunately SRFI work requires a thick skin. If you browse the mailing
list archives of recent SRFIs written by other people, the tone of the
conversation is similar. No-one is intentionally rude, but people have
strong technical opinions and are not always good with feelings.

Lack of feedback for good work is also common. People are often too busy
to focus on complex new issues, and only talk about familiar issues from
a familiar point of view. When they have no technical argument, they
tend to say nothing. All recent SRFI authors have experienced this
silence. Scheme needs about 2-3x the amount of attention we can give. To
solve the problem, we would have to double the number of active members
in the community. None of us know how to do that.