On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 12:12 PM Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe <xxxxxx@sigwinch.xyz>
These are some very old changes.

I'm terribly sorry.  That was the result of a cascade of errors.  I somehow managed to omit the line for draft #4 in the Status section when publishing that draft last month, so when I went to publish this one, which is actually draft #5, I was off by one.

Let me try again:

I've just published draft #5 of SRFI 189. It was submitted by John Cowan, co-author of the SRFI.

Here are John's comments on the draft:

I think this is ready for last call now. Wolfgang's implementation will catch up shortly.

Note that I am waiting to announce last call until the implementation and tests are complete.

Here is the commit summary:

  • Implement Draft #4 changes.
  • Update either-filter and either-remove to draft #4.
  • Update tests.
  • Provide the list of payload values when calling error.
  • Left takes multiple values; added examples
  • typos
  • severed values->maybe/either from lisp-values->maybe/either
  • minor inconsistencies
  • oops
  • Add missing "#f".
  • Publish fourth draft.
  • Publish fifth draft.

Here's the diff:



SRFI Editor